Hire people to amplify what you do

by hellomynameisscott on September 29, 2014 in Creativity with No Comments


When it comes to creative work, there’s nothing wrong with being a control freak. The fiercely independent artist deserves sovereignty over their work.

But you can’t do everything yourself forever. There comes a point in every creator’s life when you have to defer. You have to hire people to amplify what you do. Otherwise you impose a ceiling on the level of impact you can have.

Over the years, I’ve contracted dozens of designers, illustrators, developers, coders, editors, researchers, programmers, virtual assistants, audio engineers and public relations specialists. Each one of these people filled in the skills gap when I surpassed the perimeter of my competence. And with their support, all of my projects grew light years beyond what could have been possible on my own.

That’s a form of creativity too. The resourcefulness to find the people who can help you become what you need to be.

Because if you pick the right people, all you have to do as the artist is cast a vision, sit back and watch them do their magic.

It’s actually quite liberating. Once you let go of trying do everything, it feels like you can do anything.

Who was the last person you paid real money to amplify what you do?

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