Inspiration is incidental, not intentional

by hellomynameisscott on July 08, 2014 in Creativity with No Comments

Artists make things because they want to move people. To inspire them to become better.

But the creator can’t jumpstart other people unless her battery is charged first. There has to be a source current. A substratum of energy from which to supply power. Johnny has his own version of this.

And so, we all have to repower our own source current. We have to inspire ourselves, first and foremost. Because our job as creators isn’t to inspire people, but to keep doing what we love, that way people can discover the same about themselves through that work.

If we want to move people, we have to remember that inspiration isn’t the target, inspiration is the reward our audience receives when we hit the target.

When was the last time you made the choice to be inspired?

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