Open a new vein of freedom

by hellomynameisscott on September 25, 2014 in Creativity, Identity with No Comments

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 8.41.13 AMHenri famously said not to bother about your originality, but to set yourself as free as you possibly can, and your originality would take care of itself.

One of the ways to we accomplish that is by putting whimsy on wheels. By giving ourselves permission to follow seemingly ridiculous ideas to fruition. Even if they don’t work out. Because the point is in the trying. The purpose is in the practice. The goal is to strengthen our freedom muscle until it’s quivering and veiny and oiled up, poised to step across the lines of artistic safety and create something people don’t even have a name for.

When I first conceived the idea for this concert documentary, what most excited me about the project was the freedom use the talents I might never exercise anywhere else. Singing, strumming, songwriting, storytelling, these were the musical gifts I’d been honing for so many years, but had never found a home for.

Until now.

And the more footage we edited, the prouder I felt about the movie’s originality. Not because I was trying to be unique, but because I was trying to be free.

Henri was right. Freedom is what creates the most hospitable environment for your greatest talents to do their most original work.

Are you building the house where your freedom resides?

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