Define reality in a more direct way

by hellomynameisscott on July 04, 2014 in Identity with No Comments

Seinfeld once said that that the most fun game is one you’ve never played and you’re inventing as you go along.

I couldn’t agree more. Creating art is one thing, but the more sophisticated experience of categorical creation, that is, inventing entirely new mediums, crafting innovative ways to circulate our ideas and thoughts and feelings, now that’s really exciting.

A few years ago, I got burnt out on writing books. And I knew there were useful strategies for influencing the environment that I was not taking advantage of, so I took initiative to find a new way to do what I do.

The result was this documentary, which combined four of my favorite things, singing, storytelling, socializing and sermonizing.

Going in, I knew the project was going to be ambitious, complicated, expensive and extensive. But I also knew that by shedding the popular view of my own artistic reality, new possibilities would emerge.

And they did.

Where have you misread your own reality?

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